Windshield Replacement Cost in Virginia, Washington, DC

A damaged car windshield hinders a driver’s sight and hence puts the car occupants at risk of injuries and loss of life. If you didn’t know, driving a vehicle with a damaged shield is punishable by law.

Whatever damaged your windshield, whether a collision or a stone hurled your way by a passing truck, it’s essential to get the glass replaced as quickly as possible.

Undoubtedly, you will be interested in getting a clear picture of windshield replacement cost in Virginia before hitting up a local auto glass service provider. It’s no brainer that you will be looking for affordable windshield replacement services.

You want to consult a well-reputed auto glass service provider who provides a lifetime warranty, offers mobile services, and is insured-approved. Yellowstone Auto Glass is the kind of car glass replacement and repair company you are looking for.

If you have comprehensive coverage, insurance can fund your windshield replacement minus deductible.

Nonetheless, if you don’t want to claim insurance or lack a comprehensive cover, it’s essential to know about the fees you are likely to pay for windshield replacement.

How Much Does Windshield Replacement Cost?

Statistics reveal that windshield replacement cost lies somewhere between $80-$800. Most replacements cost between $150 and $340, with price averaging at around $240.

Nonetheless, the sky is the limit when it comes to windshield replacement as the fees can rise to as high as $1500.

Undoubtedly, the first question that comes to the mind of someone thinking about these figures is why the costs vary hugely. Well, several factors influence the final costs of replacing windshield at an auto glass service shop. They include:

Type of vehicle

The make and model of a car significantly impact the windshield replacement rate. For instance, luxury vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes Benz require unique windshields that can only be sourced from a dealer.

It comes as no surprise when such windshield costs two or three times more than that of a non-luxury car.

Special Features

Newer car models have windshield loaded with unique features, including condensation sensor, rain sensor, brake assist, lane departure, and wiper park area.

The more features a windshield has, the more skills and time it takes to replace, and hence, the higher the cost.

So, don’t be surprised when you pay three times the cost of replacing a 2007 or older car windshield when replacing a 2008 or newer car front glass.

Glass Type

The type of glass also factors into windshield replacement cost. You can have your windshield replaced with an aftermarket windshield or an OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

An OEM windshield can cost several hundreds of dollars more than the aftermarket windshields.

OEMs are almost similar to the manufacturer’s glass and are certified by the Department of Transport. Contrarily, an aftermarket windshield varies slightly from the manufacturer glass. It may have fewer features, a different tint level, different thickness, etc.

Are You Covered?

When seeking windshield replacement services, verify if your insurance policy will cover the cost and if your preferred auto glass shop is insurance-ready and approved.

Most insurance companies cover windshield replacements, especially if you have a comprehensive policy.

Be sure to compare the windshield replacement cost to your deductible before filing an insurance claim. Your insurance provider will likely not pay when your deductible is less than the replacement cost.

On the contrary, if the replacement cost exceeds your deductible, you will only be required to pay additional fees when your insurance claim gets processed.

In Need of Windshield Replacement?

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