Windshield & Auto Glass Replacement Service

It’s easy to ignore small chips or cracks in your windshield. However, these minor damages may expand, further compromising the structure of glass, and necessitate windshield replacement and more substantial expenses. Besides, a cracked windshield may hinder your sight, paving the way for regrettable consequences. Whereas you may not stop windshield damage from happening, you have the freedom of choosing a windshield repair expert.

At Yellowstone Auto Glass, we provide reliable auto glass replacement service. Our well-trained and experienced specialists will replace your windshield promptly, while adhering to stipulated standards to get you back on the road safely and quickly. With our seamless cracked windshield repair and replacement services, you have no excuse for driving with a damaged windshield or allowing the cracks to expands to a point where replacement is unavoidable. We offer affordable auto glass services to car owners in Virginia.

Drive into our Chantilly facility with a cracked or chipped windshield and leave with a perfectly repaired glass. We also offer mobile auto glass replacement services so you can get your cracked windshield replaced without any hassle.

Affordable Windshield Replacement Near Me

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Our affordable windshield and auto glass repair services in Virginia can work miracles, but sometimes replacement is merely inevitable.

Nonetheless, the difference between low-quality and high-quality car glass replacement lies in the quality of services you hire. This is where Yellowstone Auto Glass comes into play.

We are a reputable company offering top-notch auto glass and windshield replacement services across Chantilly, Virginia. We work with PGW and Pilkington glass, so you know you’re getting good value for your money.

Our company replaces glass on a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from SUVs, sedans, older models to luxury models, etc. Besides, we handle most vehicle makes and models, ensuring that our services accommodate virtually every car owner.

Whereas you can always book to visit our Chantilly shop, we also travel to our client’s site of choice. So, be assured that we can serve you wherever you are in Chantilly.

Windshield replacement services across Chantilly, Virginia

Quality is Our Drive

Two critical factors influence the quality of window or windshield replacement services: the professionals at work and the materials used.

We don’t compromise on quality. We have on board a thoroughly-trained team ready to replace any car’s windshield efficiently, quickly, and according to set standards.

Besides, our technicians are friendly and professional, offering you unmatched satisfaction and service quality.
Top-quality materials and tools, ranging from suction cups to auto glass urethane, guarantee seamless, efficient work accompanied by long-lasting results.

You anticipate a replacement that matches or even one with better specifications and quality than the original windshield. We always keep that in mind.


Windshield Replacement

What to Expect from our Replacement Services?

When you bring your car for auto glass replacement, our technicians will take several steps to ensure a seamless operation, leaving no room for mishaps.

Our replacements are extensive, thorough, and geared to get you safely on the road.  That said, let’s take a glance at the steps followed by our technicians when replacing the auto glass.

Here are the steps that are followed when replacing a windshield.

1. Glass Removal

Whether we are replacing your windshield or car window, we first take out the trim that’s holding the glass in place. This exposes the glass edges, making it straightforward to remove the glass.

Whereas window glass can be held by a hand, we pop out windshield safely using large suction cups. Note that we need to remove the door panel to access the remaining section of the car window glass.

2. Preparation

Our technicians undertake several preparation procedures for the efficient installation of new auto glass.

When it comes to windshield replacement, part of preparation is removing dirt, old urethane, and dust from the pinch weld to ensure that the groove holds the new windshield firmly.

Once our experts clean the pinch weld edges, they apply the urethane-an adhesive that sticks the windshield in place.

3. Installation

Several steps are involved when installing a new car window due to the prior removal of the door panel.

A windshield is fitted into the pinch weld groove carefully, usually using heavy-duty suction cups. The cups are removed once urethane starts to set.

4. Clean-up

Any debris that might have resulted from the installation work is removed from your car. We use strong workshop vacuums to remove glass small glass shatters.

5. Post-installation Inspection

Here, our professionals perform a final check on the installation work to that everything is in place, and all procedures are correctly done.

In-shop and Mobile Replacement

Yellowstone Auto Glass offers mobile and in-shop auto glass replacement services.

Safety is a top priority in our service facility, so don’t worry about any safety issue when you visit us. Besides, we have a nice spot where you can enjoy refreshments and free Wi-Fi as we replace your car glass.

Don’t fret if you can’t reach our work area. We can travel to a location of your choice, whether home, workplace or any DMV area.

Windshield Replacement Service


How Long Does the Replacement Take?

Usually, the windshield cures in 40-60 minutes, but sometime it may take up to two hours, depending on the urethane type and ambient weather conditions.

Do you Work with Auto Insurance Companies?

Yes, we partner with well-reputed insurance companies to keep your replacement expenses as low as possible.

How Much Does Auto Glass Replacement Cost?

The cost of glass replacement varies widely with the car make. Be sure to visit our Sterling facility for a free estimate. Alternatively, you can email or call us for a free quote.

Where can I Find Yellowstone Auto Glass?

Our repair and replacement shop is located in Sullyfield Circle Suite J, Chantilly VA.

We are open during business days from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm. You can also access our services on Saturday by appointment.

Does Auto Glass Replacement Come with Warranty?

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty for leakage and workmanship on the replaced windshield or car window, as long as you own the vehicle.

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We are the auto glass replacement professionals in Virginia. We boast expert knowledge and tools to replace car windows as well as rear and front windshields effectively and as per manufacturers’ standards.

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