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It’s easy to ignore small chips or cracks in your windshield. However, these minor damages may expand, further compromising the structure of glass, and necessitate windshield replacement and more substantial expenses. Besides, a cracked windshield may hinder your sight, paving the way for regrettable consequences. Whereas you may not stop windshield damage from happening, you have the freedom of choosing a windshield repair expert who offers cheap windshield repair to get your problem sorted without breaking your bank.

At Yellowstone Auto Glass, we offer affordable car windshield repair services. Our well-trained and experienced specialists will repair your windshield promptly while adhering to stipulated standards to get you back on the road safely and quickly. With our seamless car window repair services, you have no excuse for driving with a damaged windshield or allowing the cracks to expands to a point where replacement is unavoidable. Drive into our Chantilly facility with a cracked or chipped windshield and leave with a perfectly repaired glass.

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Repair One

Windshield Repair Process

Typical tools and materials used in the process include a bridge, injector, windshield repair resin, and windshield pit filler. Windshield chip repair eliminates air from the breakage area and seals it with a curable, well-matched resin. The procedure bonds the glass layers together, thereby restoring the windshield’s structural integrity and strength.

Whereas the repair is geared to stop further damage, our process is sure to improve the appearance of your windshield significantly. Nonetheless, one may notice some distortion with a closer look at the repaired area. Car window repair at Yellowstone Auto Glass is effective, safe, economical, and takes about 30-60 minutes. We can also repair your auto glass at your driveway, workplace parking area, or any other convenient location you choose.

Windshield Repair Restrictions

Windshield chip repair is not recommended under the following circumstances;

  • The vinyl layer gets damaged
  • The damage extends to the inner layer of the glass
  • The crack extends more than 6inches in length
  • When the crack or chip occurs within the driver’s line of sight
  • The chip is in front of a sensor or camera
  • When the damage occurs on a previously repaired area

Insurance-Approved and Warranty-backed

At Yellowstone Auto Glass, we back our windshield chip repairs with a lifetime warranty on the workmanship and products used. With our insurance-approved services, a windshield repair may cost you nothing, especially if you have comprehensive auto insurance cover. We also file the insurance claims for our clients to streamline the entire process.

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Here at Yellowstone, we use high-quality materials and tools to repair car window/ windshields, besides having a team of reliable and professional experts that are trained, certified, and experienced in undertaking impeccable car window repairs.

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