windshield repair

Windshield is an essential component of every automobile. Some car owners take its repairs for granted. It is the most critical part that protects the driver from outside impact by providing visibility. Windshields offer much more than just protection from dust and sunlight. Typically, the material of the windshield is glass and acrylic plastic. Whichever the material, windshield replacement services professionals stress on keeping them in excellent condition due to several reasons. With enough force, a flying rock can hit and chip the glass of your windshield.

Car owners frequently face windshield issues, but it is best to sort out any problems immediately. Broken or cracked lines on the windshield limit vision and become a potential threat for the driver.

Risks of Driving With Broken Windshield

You may have heard about the potential dangers of driving with a chipped or broken windshield. Owners usually either do not take it seriously because they think the windshield replacement cost is too much or do not know about the dangers. Understanding the consequences of driving with a damaged windshield is enough to make you take the matter more seriously. Some of these risks include:

  • Compromised Structural Stability

A windshield in perfect condition supports structural stability and prevents a vehicle from crushing.  A windshield contributes to structural stability about 60% during the rollover and 40% in a front collision. Visit your auto glass repair expert the moment you feel a crack and have the issue addressed.

  • Risk of Ejection

A broken or cracked windshield loses its grip and becomes weak against impacts. A driver is at risk of ejecting through the windshield from a front collision in a situation like this. If you happen to be in an accident, a broken windshield cannot prevent you from ejecting.

  • Impacts Other Aspects of Vehicle

A broken windshield also affects other aspects of the vehicle, like internal pressure build-up or airbag deployment.

  • Decreased Visibility

A small crack or chipping on a windshield eventually starts to get bigger and ultimately affects the driver’s visibility. If left unattended, it can be a significant cause of fatal road accidents. Take your car for windshield replacement services whenever you feel a crack or chipping happen. Additionally, a crack is a distraction for a driver that may lead to severe incidents.

  • Shattering Glass

You have high chances of shattering glass if you leave the cracks on the windshield unattended. The windshield has strong lamination placed in between that prevents shattering. However, that protectant starts to lose its hold once a crack appears.

  • Fines

Some states have strict regulations against driving with cracked windshields. Failure to abide by these may leave you with a hefty fine and/ or penalty.

  • Higher Windshield Repair Cost

Procrastinating in addressing the issues with your windshield will cost you much later. Minor crack and repairs, when addressed, save a dent on your pocket with any severe repair or replacement.

Considerations after Repairs or Replacement

  • Wait Before Driving

Your windshield holds itself in place with a strong adhesive after repairing or replacement. The adhesive needs time to maintain its position and make a strong bond. Technicians will recommend waiting at least an hour before you start your vehicle.

  • Clear Out Interiors and Exteriors

After the adhesive dries, clean the insides of any clutter or remove anything that can press against the glass. Also, avoid placing a cover on your car for some time or use sunshade.

  • Open Windows

A newly repaired or replaced windshield cannot withstand too much internal air pressure. Roll your windows at least an inch while driving to clear any pressure build-up for a few days.

  • Do not Remove Retention Tape

Experts in auto glass repair place a retention tape on the molding to strengthen the adhesive. While it may look like a nuisance, leaving it on for a few days is the best way to make the bond more durable.

  • Avoid Power Washers

Avoid using power washers for a few days as the water pressure may remove the newly placed adhesive. Do a regular hand wash, which may be slower, but protects your windshield for some time.

New Developments in Windshield Technology

  • Smart Car Glass

Smart car glass enables a driver to limit the amount of incoming sunlight with the touch of a button. If a driver feels too much illumination, they can adjust it accordingly for better visibility. It not only helps to keep heat regulating but also reduces the consumption of air conditioning significantly.

  • Heated Front Windshields

Many car brands have released new models with heated front windshields. These windshields are especially useful for areas with cold climates as they defog and defrost automatically. These windshields can give clear visibility without compromising the driver’s vision.

  • Wiper Free

Car manufacturers have come with an idea of a windshield that does not require wipers during rain or snow. They have applied high-frequency sound waves on the glass to make the moisture slide almost immediately. The idea is still in the experimental phase but is due to release soon.

Protective Measures

To protect the windshield from damage or cracks, experts in auto glass repair recommend installing an additional protective layer on the surface. A UV coating helps to filter out harmful sunrays that can damage the adhesive or the glass. A windshield has to withstand the harsh exterior climate, and a protective layer will save it from any elemental damage. Taking care of your windshield will not only protect you from exposure. It will also make the aesthetics of your car appealing.

Final Word

The windshield is an integral part of a vehicle that does more than just making aesthetics appealing. It is a protection and visibility for driver. You cannot imagine driving your car without a windshield protecting your vision. Cracked or damaged windshields are a potential threat for you that need immediate attention from your side. Ask for an estimated windshield repair cost and take it to a professional for immediate action. Do not ignore even a single issue with your windshield, as it may end up costing you more than anticipated.