Wet car windshield due to rain

A good way to tell if your windshield has a leak is if it starts to get musty due to moisture or develops an odor. Other signs you can look out for include your car carpets getting wet, rust on the interior, or fog on the windows.

You’ll need to get a windshield replacement as soon as you spot any leaks. Delays can lead to the damages becoming worse over time. Windshield problems mostly come up when the auto glass isn’t installed properly.


If you’ve regularly run into problems with your windshield, then this blog is perfect for you. Read on as we discuss the causes behind leaks in your windshield, how you can address them, and where you can get professional help.

Causes of Leaks

Often, deterioration of your windshield’s rubber seal causes water leaks. However, the problem may be because your windshield was improperly installed. If there is a leak in the windshield, you will hear a ‘whooshing’ sound while driving at high speeds. Other signs include unusual vibrations and rattling noises.

What Should You Do About It?

In case of a leak, you should reach out to an auto glass repair shop without delay. Don’t try to do it yourself because this process requires professionals to install the windshield using proper equipment and repair guidelines. With a lack of information, you might worsen the leaks. Water can cause serious problems for you if it gets accumulated inside the vehicle.

Seek Professional Help

It is recommended that certified auto professionals repair the windshield. Once leaks are found, they need to be sealed with silicon and proper sealants. This process is technical and requires precision, so it’s advised that you seek out a windshield repair shop.

 Visible Water drops on a windshield

If you’ve found leaks in your windshield, it’s time to visit your nearest auto glass repair shop. We can replace your windshield professionally at an affordable price at Yellow Stone Auto Glass. We have professional workers who are experts in auto windshield repair. With timely windshield replacement from our professional auto repair shop, you will never have to worry about leaks in the windshield anymore.

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