A Pair of Hands Running A Diagnostic Tool

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has become advanced enough to wrest control from an unresponsive driver and become such an integral part of car design that some states have mandated them. Two components make sure ADAS works properly even after a windshield replacement: a scan and a calibration.

Let’s see what they entail and if both are important to road safety.


Two scans are carried out whenever a car comes in-shop. A pre-scan determines, via a damage analysis of the computer codes running the electricals, if any electrical systems are damaged. The technician, then, may or may not carry out appropriate repairs.

On the other side of this is a post-scan. Basically, the same scan is rerun, and if it returns similar diagnostic trouble codes, the technician can clear them and be sure no errors occurred during the repair process.

Steering Wheel of a Car

ADAS Calibration

During an ADAS calibration, the communication between the advanced tools in your vehicle and its sensors is checked. If they are not in alignment, then repairs are performed.

There are two types of recalibrations; a static ADAS calibration checks the sensor response of an idling vehicle with radar, reflecting cones, etc. Dynamic calibration is carried out when the car is cruising along the road.

Scan vs. Calibration: Worlds Apart

Many use the two terms interchangeably, thinking appropriate repairs will be performed either way. That might not be true..

Moreover, calibration is always a better option because it tests a vehicle in real-time, out of computer codes, which are unlikely to highlight all the discrepancies between your ADAS and sensors. After all, the fact remains, your car is incapable of self-calibration. The sensors might be displaced, and you won’t know the difference even after getting it scanned.

Calibration Following Windshield Replacement in Virginia

After getting an auto glass replacement, wheel alignment and suspension change, camera disconnection, or whenever your dashboard displays a fault code, you have to recalibrate your vehicle. We have the tech and expertise on hand to carry out a comprehensive test on your vehicle and recalibrate your sensors. In addition to our affordable auto glass services that come with a warranty, our recalibration, too, comes at competitive rates.

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