ADAS calibration

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has been around for quite a while now. Since the testing stages of the self-driving cars, we have been witnessing the miracles of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Today ADAS is the base on which the entire industry of self-driving cars operates. The thing is that Advanced Driver Assistance Systems were present in one form or the other even before the self-driven cars became mainstream.

ADAS is referred to any assistance or help to the driver, which is automated and self-reliant to operate itself.  It can be as simple as rain-sensing wipers or auto-on headlights. ADAS can also assist the drivers by using night vision technology and detecting cars in blind spots in extremely low lighting conditions. ADAS, at its most advanced form, is less of a support system, and more into the realm of becoming autonomous.

How does ADAS work?

ADAS systems work using the camera that is fixed to the middle of the windscreen. The camera then communicates the required information about the conditions of the road ahead to the ADAS so that the system knows when to trigger the automated safety measures.

Why Do You Need ADAS calibration

The vehicle manufacturers recommend that after a windscreen is replaced, it’s necessary to get the ADAS calibration done to ensure that the ADAS functionality doesn’t get affected. ADAS calibration is the process to adjust the parameters of the camera and other components that are fitted into the windshield so that the seamless functionality of the ADAS system remains intact. ADAS calibration ensures that the systems receive accurate and reliable information about the road condition and surrounding. Suppose your car has features like adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, blind-spot monitor and lane change assistant. In that case, you might be needing a windshield ADAS calibration to ensure that every function operates as it should.

Types of ADAS calibration

There are two basic types of ADAS windshield calibration. Various vehicles might need either of the two ADAS calibrations to ensure seamless functionality of the system present in the windshield.

Static calibration

Static ADAS calibration requires you to have a visit to a certified shop which provides professional ADAS calibration services. Getting in touch with the ADAS calibration service provider is necessary because the measures that are required to be taken to ensure the proper calibration need to be performed in an enclosed environment. Although if you are hesitant to visit the professional ADAS calibration service provider, then an auto glass specialist can also pay a visit to help you in getting the windshield calibration done correctly.

Dynamic calibration

Dynamic ADAS windshield calibration is more of a user-friendly process, Dynamic calibration of the windshield can be easily performed by inserting a handheld unit into your car. Once the handheld unit is fitted, the calibration is done by driving the vehicle at an OEM indicated speed over a certain distance, the calibration is done once all the required test is performed.

How and Where to Get the ADAS Calibration done

Suppose you are looking to get the ADAS windshield calibration done for your car’s ADAS. In that case, you need to ensure that the ADAS calibration is done by trained and qualified technicians from a reputable ADAS calibration service provider. Not all windshield repair and replacement service providers are capable of performing the ADAS calibration as it requires special equipment with comprehensive knowledge of different ADAS systems.


The calibration of the ADAS system is crucial for your car if it is packed with features like adaptive cruise and you have gotten your windshield replacement done. If the ADAS calibration is not done timely after the windshield replacement, it might affect the driving experience and also put your life in danger. The reason behind this is a maligned camera lens in the windshield of your car can cause severe problems.  ADAS calibration is necessary for the seamless functionality of the features like cruise control, automotive night vision, automated parking, blind-spot system and pedestrian detecting system.

The ADAS system has been designed to make the driving experience better and smooth, but it comes with some requirements to ensure that the sensors present in the vehicle keep assisting you while your car is on the road. The type of calibration you might need relies on the type and manufacturer of your car.

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