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There are over 17.5 million fireplaces in the US, and most of them are wood-burning ones that require a chimney to operate. Chimneys can lead to house fires amounting to millions of dollars in property damage if not maintained well.

Thus, multiple tools can help make chimneys safer for daily use, one of them being dampers. Here’s everything you need to know about the life-saving addition that can save you from costly chimney repair:

What is a Damper?

A damper is essentially a door between your fireplace and the chimney. Its purpose is to allow toxic elements to escape from the fireplace when it’s lit and stop external elements from entering the house through the chimney when the fireplace is extinguished.

How Does It Work?

There are multiple places a damper can be installed, from the starting point of the chimney to the top of the chimney flue. It has a knob or a lever to open it and is made from metal.

What Are The Benefits of A Damper?

1. Allows Smoke to Escape

When you’re burning wood, particularly softwood, it releases toxins that need to escape through the chimney flue. A damper provides space for the smoke to release, thus saving you from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Keeps Moisture Out

The chimney provides an opening for outside elements to enter your house, including rain, snowfall, etc. All of that can damage the flue’s bricks while also weakening its structure.

Depending on its placement, a damper can stop the entryway of moisture in the chimney, thus not only protecting the flue but also the rest of your house’s structure from thousands of dollars worth of damage.

3. Protects You from Animals and Pests

The top of the flue can let small animals into your house. Those animals either get stuck in the chimney and die due to the heat or enter through the fireplace and cause havoc in the house.

A damper placed on top of the chimney can stop animals from entering altogether, while a damper at the chimney base can stop them from entering the house.



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Where Do I Get A Damper?

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