Glass Replacement

Broken car windows are unsightly, and depending on which window is broken, that can be dangerous, too. A rubbish bag taped over the hole may be a temporary solution, but the glass should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure no one is cut, nothing slips out of your car, and no one tries to get into your vehicle when you are not around. Luckily, you can call Yellow Stone Auto Glass for their professional windshield replacement services including Rear Glass Replacement and power window repair service.

Repairing power windows

First, we need to get a new window specific to your vehicle from auto glass wholesale dealer. Alternatively, you will find a great deal by visiting a local auto junkyard.

Step by step: a guide for you!

  • Detach the interior panel from your car door. You will have to look and feel around the panel to find all the screws, and then use the screwdriver to undo them and pull the panel out of the door.
  • Remove all door handles and armrests. These are also bolted in place and you must remove them to get the panel to the door
  • Peel off the plastic or waterproof sleeve that was under the panel. If you don’t see a plastic cover, your car just can’t have one
  • Clean the existing window race and all other window components like the door weather-strip. Clean your new window. If the current track and weather stripping are still right, you can use them for the new window. This includes motorized windows
  • Locate the small hole at the bottom of the new window, which will be at the rear of the window. There is a short clip located on the window track that slides into this hole and attaches to the door window.
  • Slide the new glass window into the door from the top, put it on the track and place the paper clip in the hole. Depending on the make and model of vehicle, it may be challenging to slide the window due to the shape of the brackets. The key is in the window to manoeuvre patiently, removing any obstacles such as clips or brackets that may be blocking the glass that slides further.
  • Make sure the glass is supported on the track by any other brackets or clips. It should now roll smoothly without moving on the track too much
  • Replace the plastic cover, door panels, handles, and armrests. Make sure the window rolls smoothly and tighten all the bolts below

A step-by-step guide to replacing your Nissan Window Motor

Many times, we want to fix the car ourselves, but due to technical inefficiency, we are unable to do so. We at Yellow Stone Auto Glass would be happy to assist you with your inquiry, and we are thus presenting you with a systematic guide to Nissan’s window stepper motor replacement.

  • Remove window panel from the door. Unscrew if panel door does not come out quickly, check another screw
  • Check if there is a wire connected to the door panel light and if there is a then, Unplug it
  • Do not extend wind from the door panel and the noise protection cover (the plastic lining). Use a knife or razor to remove from sticky material
  • Cover the glass window to prevent it from falling. Disconnect electrical supply to Nissan Sentra Window Stepper Motor
  • Remove the screws that hold the window regulator to the door
  • Remove the window regulator and one assembly with the motor
  • Take your time removing this assembly, as it is complicated to remove the Nissan Maxima window regulator from the door
  • The next step is to remove three screws holding the window motor to the regulator. Note the position of the engine on the governor. If there are any rivets, first you need to remove those.
  • Connect the replacement motor to the window regulator. Bolts and nuts come in handy for this. Put the window regulator in place on the door and reattach all the through screws securely.
  • Now release the window glass very slowly so all the pieces are put back together and the seat correctly. Connect plug and window motor switch for outlet either window motor and regulator are working correctly. Then reattach the stepper door panel in the opposite direction, so that all the pieces fit together correctly.
  • Please note to reconnect and see the proper operation of the door lock cable and door handle cable

Tips and Warnings:

  • When sliding the new window onto the track, you may encounter screws or other hardware that make it difficult to get to the interior glass. Work slowly, remove these small obstacles and change the angle of the glass to get it in the door.
  • There are repair manuals covering windows available online and at many auto repair stores that are specific to your make and model of vehicle
  • Be careful not to cut yourself on the broken glass. Use the vacuum to clean any glass as you go

Windshield replacement services: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about windshield replacement:

What is the best way to prepare the surface of the car and when replacing the windows?

Clean, remove dirt and clean again until the surface is spotless. It is also essential to remove the new glass screen-printing to eliminate possible residues of non-stick coatings. Remove the caps to protect the glass during transport.

The insertion of glass takes place in our workshop is carried out only after a complete cleaning of all surfaces. It is important to clean with special products.

Is it possible to clean the glass and prepare the surface with a solvent?

Solvents and cleaners can reduce adhesion and are therefore not suitable for surface treatment. It is preferable to use special detergents that are specifically to clean and pretreat surfaces before performing fixing and/or sealing operations. It is necessary to allow the surfaces to dry completely.

Do I need to cut all the excess of cable?

No, the cable must remain in reserve. With a margin of 1 or 2 mm, the cable is not enough. Due to the residue, the amount of polyurethane adhesive required for bonding can be minimized.

We hope you find this information interesting. In any case, you can find more details of power window repair serviceon our website.