A damaged car windscreen

If you’re buying a car, you should be aware of how to maintain it. One part of the car that is highly susceptible to damages is the car’s windscreens, both front and rear. You need to be very careful and protect your windscreen, otherwise a damaged windscreen can lead to costly repairs.

Here, we’ll look at some of the most common windshield damages.

Chip Damage

Chip damage is also known as a ding, stone break, or pit damage. When a flying piece of rock or debris collides with your windshield, it causes chip damage. A small piece of your windshield glass may break as a result of this. Chips in windshields can go deep into the glass and cause cracks to spread farther.

Bull’s Eye Damage

Bulls-eye windshield damage is when your windshield is damaged in such a way that it creates a circular pattern. The nickname “bulls-eye” comes from the fact that this design looks a lot like dartboards. A piece of your glass may break off when objects that create bulls-eye damage collide with your car’s windshield.

Crack Damage

It usually appears as a line in the windshield in the early stages. They may seem as small straight lines on your windshield that begin at one location and end at another. These cracks might be horizontal, vertical, or wavy in nature and may vary in length.

Edge Crack Damage

Edge cracks are cracks that start near the windshield’s edge, usually within 2 inches of the edge. Such cracks begin at the border of the windshield and quickly spread to other areas. When left unchecked, edge fractures can grow to a length of 10 to 12 inches.

Floater Crack Damage

Cracks that start in the center of the windshield are known as floater cracks. Such cracks might run along the length of your windshield. Floater fractures vary in length due to the way they are generated.

Stress Crack Damage

Windshield damage caused by stress cracks can occur even if no actual object has struck your windshield. This type of crack is frequently caused by the windshield being exposed to extreme temperature changes. Stress cracks can form on windshields exposed to direct sunlight or excessive cold.

Star Crack Damage

A cracked and broken windshield

Star damage on your windshield creates a star-like pattern. Short cracks radiate outward from the impact site, indicating this type of damage.

Any type of crack or damage to the windshield is extremely dangerous and a serious hazard to both drivers and passengers.

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