driving on a highway

Whether it is a rear-view mirror or a side mirror, mirrors help you keep track of other vehicles on the road. While most of you are aware of the mirrors used in cars, did you know that these mirrors were specifically designed to give you a broader view of the road? Also, are you aware that there exists a third type of mirror in the headlight of your car?  Read on to find out the different types of mirrors used in a car and what you can do to take care of them!

1. Rear View Mirrors

The mirror located above the dashboard is known as the rear-view mirror. It is the most common mirror used in every vehicle to view the things behind your car. These convex mirrors allow you to see an erect and diminished image. It also enables the driver to view a broader aspect of the traffic behind.

2. Side View Mirrors

side view mirror of a car.

Side view mirrors are located on either side of every car and help see the vehicles approaching the side of your car. In case there were any blind spots, side view mirrors eliminate them. Similar to rear-view mirrors, side view mirrors are also made up of convex mirrors to help you drive safely on the road.

3. Headlight Mirrors

Headlight mirrors form an intense beam of light from the small bulb at the front of your car. Frequently, the bulb of the headlight is situated at the mirror’s focus so that it produces a powerful beam. For this purpose, headlight mirrors are concave mirrors to ensure light rays travel a greater distance, helping you see further on the road at night.

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