A car with an open door.

All latest model cars offer power windows these days. It is a standard option in high-end cars, whereas some mid-range models also offer this option. The power window spares you the hassle of operating your car windows with traditional handles. It eliminates the time and effort required to open or shut traditional windows. Some of the major advantages of power widows are:

  • The control panel allows you to control all four windows without leaving your seat. This feature will help all parents whose children are in the back seat.
  • Allows you to operate the windows while driving.
  • Enables individuals with physical complications or hand injuries to operate the window conveniently.
  • Enables you to operate windows by simply pressing a button.

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Power Window

Even though they offer various advantages while driving, power windows are prone to developing issues over time. They can cause several problems if they get stuck. You might notice that your car’s power window stops working suddenly, letting in natural elements like dust, pollen, rain, or snow. Therefore, a malfunctioned power window can induce driving hazards, risking the health of the vehicle’s passengers.


Some of the common symptoms of a power window failure include:

  • Stuck power windows
  • Slow rolling windows
  • Malfunctioning power window switches
  • Off-track car windows
  • Intermittent functionality
  • Windows that won’t roll up or down
  • Broken or missing power window buttons
  • Increased friction between the  A rolled-down window of a car. power window and gasket

What Causes a Power Window Failure

  • Sometimes, the window’s track or regulator stops functioning, causing a power window breakdown.
  • Your vehicle’s power window might also stop working due to a broken switch, motor, or cable pulley.
  • A dysfunctional power window might also be due to worn-off window regulators.
  • All power windows have seals and gaskets to keep the wind and rain noise out. A window that refuses to open or close might be due to a torn or loose gasket.

Who to Contact?

If your power window starts acting up, hire a car window repair service to diagnose the problem. Auto glass repair technicians can resolve various power-window-related problems. If you find your power windows sluggish or slow, immediately call our auto glass repair shop to sort out the problem and avoid dealing with costly repairs later on. Yellowstone Auto Glass repairs windows of almost all makes and models.