A picture of a maroon car with a broken rear window

Automobile break-ins can occur anytime and in any area of Virginia. Thieves and auto criminals often target private automobiles for stealing parts, spare wheels, and valuables left inside the vehicle. They target commercial vehicles to steal merchandise, money, tools, and equipment inside them. It isn’t humanly possible to stop or deter all automobile break-ins. However, you can take some preventive measures to discourage them.

Here are some helpful tips to discourage automobile break-ins and keep your valuables safe.

Go For Smarter Vehicle Purchases

The National Insurance Crime Bureau releases a list of Hot Wheels each year. The Hot Wheels lists the ten most stolen vehicles in America. As a consumer, you can go through this list and avoid all those automobiles with the highest chance of being involved with break-ins and auto theft. The vehicles generally considered a safe buy are sedans, minivans, and other domestic, less flashy cars.

Apart from this, you as a car owner can start being more responsible and hire a reliable auto repair company such as Yellowstone Auto Glass. We can provide you with ADAS Calibration service together with expert windshield replacement services across Virginia.

Do Not Leave Running Cars Unattended

This type of crime mainly occurs near gas stations, post offices, and convenience stores where the victim thinks they will be out in just a minute. If you cannot park your car in a safe and secured garage, park it in a well-lit area in public view near foot traffic, making it hard for thieves to break in.

 A Jeep with its door open left unattended

Install a Vehicle Tracking System

All new cars now require smart keys to start or other ignition guards to prevent unauthorized access or hotwiring. If you have an older model, you should have a vehicle tracking system installed.


The worst case scenario would be that the thieves end up breaking your windows and the windshield while trying to get to your valuables. If such a situation does occur, visit us at Yellowstone Auto Glass. We provide affordable windshield replacement, rear window, side car window, and power window repair and replacement services. We offer services in Stafford, Aldie, Fairfax, Oakton, Reston, Arlington, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a quote.