A girl resting her head against the quarter glass of the car.

A quarter glass, otherwise known as a vent glass or a valance window, is a small side window in vehicles that extends a passenger window. The small-paneled windows usually open to let air inside the car, improving better ventilation in the vehicle. It helps with enhanced visibility and also reduces the need for air conditioning in some cases, thus, increasing fuel efficiency. Continue reading to understand the uses and benefits of a quarter glass in a car.

Origin of Quarter Glass

Automobiles developed in the 1950s were popular for using quarter glass. Back then, all vehicles worked on a manual tilt mechanism, allowing air inside the vehicle by pivoting the glass panel outward. Quarter glasses were used before cars consisted of built-in air conditioning systems. They were mainly built to allow cool air inside the car. Over time, these versions become less and less popular. However, several years later, people became concerned for fuel efficiency, and the automobile industry modified these windows to non-tilt designs.

Why Do Cars Still Have Quarter Glass Windows?

Even though the initial purpose of the quarter glass was to enhance ventilation in cars, you might be wondering why modern-day vehicles still have them. With the air conditioning system installed in every vehicle, the purpose of building a quarter glass might confuse you. The answer is that a quarter glass enhances the driver’s visibility to a great extent, allowing them to contemplate the surrounding area. It minimizes blind spots that both the side and the rear-view mirrors can’t cover. Quarter glass windows also exist in a car’s front, adding more visibility to the side-view mirrors.

A close-up shot of a side-view mirror of a car.

Replacing Quarter Glass

Nonetheless, a quarter glass window is an easy target for thieves looking to break into vehicles. A damaged quarter glass will also spoil your vehicle’s aesthetics by letting in debris and dust.

Therefore, a well-maintained quarter glass has more benefits than you can think! It maintains your car’s resale value, prevents debris from entering inside, and allows your car to survive hot temperatures and stormy weather. Any damage to this small side window can leave you hunting for quarter glass replacement services. This is where Yellowstone Auto Glass comes in.

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Quarter Glass Replacement Costs and Quotes for All Vehicles

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