A picture of a car's windshield

Your vehicle’s windshield is built to withstand harsh weather. However, even the most well-made and strong auto glass can crack or chip when exposed to extreme weather conditions. At the same time, a pebble or a flyaway rock can cause severe damage to your moving vehicle. It is also true that the different temperatures inside and outside your car can do the same or even worse damage.

Read on to learn about the effects high temperatures can have on your windshield.

High Temperatures Cause Windshields to Expand & Contract

Windshields and high temperatures don’t mix. A windshield is designed to expand in high temperatures and contract in low temperatures. However, when this process accelerates, i.e., when the temperature change is too sudden and too extreme, the windshield does not have enough time to adjust and react accordingly. This causes your vehicle’s windshield to crack. In case of already cracked or chipped auto glass, the windshield can get more severely damaged or can even completely break in.

High Temperatures Cause Cracks to Occur

A car’s windshield is made of two layers of glass with vinyl in between. When a windshield cracks, it only damages one of the layers while the others remain intact.

 A picture showing a car parked in the sun

Now, suppose the temperature inside and outside of your vehicle is different. In that case, the auto glass needs to adjust accordingly as the high exterior temperature adds to the stress from the cracks. This added stress causes the cracks in the windshield to expand into the second layer.

Now, as the windshield expands, it weakens and makes the auto glass fragile and more prone to damage. Apart from this, the pre-existing cracks and chips now have more room to expand and create havoc on your already weakened windshield. So if you notice that your vehicle’s windshield has chipped or cracked somewhere, then do not give it time to expand and cause more damage.

Call In the Professionals

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