A blur and dirty windscreen.

Oftentimes, your car’s windshield gets so dirty that car vipers are unable to clean it properly. Car vipers aren’t really designed to clean a windshield, but to make it clear enough to improve your visibility in rain. So you must be wondering what the best way to clean your windshield is. Look no further, as we have the perfect way to clean your windshield.

Things You Will Need

Cleaning a windshield isn’t very difficult, and it can be done with very little resources. You’ll need:

Dilute the Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaners are concentrated solutions that should be diluted before putting them on your windshield. Ideally, one ounce of glass cleaner per one gallon of water makes the best cleaning solution.

One Half at a Time

Choose a side, and spray that side with the diluted glass cleaner. Make sure the car isn’t parked directly under the sun, as it will lead to quick drying of the cleaner on the glass, leaving chemical residues on your windshield.

Start rubbing the sprayed side with a microfiber towel vertically first. Do it until it’s completely clean, and then start wiping horizontally.

When done with cleaning one half of the windshield, repeat the same process on the other half of the windshield.


After cleaning the windscreen with the diluted glass cleaner, take another microfiber towel, and start rubbing your windscreen in circles. This will buff the windscreen, and remove minor scratches and webbings formed on your windshield glass.

Cleaning Clay

Your windshield must now be shining, but if you still suspect it’s not clean in specific parts, it might be due to small crevices, and dust build up in there. To get rid of it, you can work with a detailing clay block. Spray your windscreen with glass cleaner, and rub the detailing clay block vertically. It will pull out the dirt and grime from the crevices. Clean the windscreen with a microfiber cloth and you’re good to go.

A clean and shiny windscreen.

The same process can be used for the exterior and the interior of the windshield. For interior cleaning, make sure you cover the dashboard with something. The cleaning liquids might drip and discolor your car’s dashboard, so it’s best to take this preventive measure.

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