A Hand Spraying Water atthe Soapy Windshield of A Car

Cleaning your windshield at least twice a month and taking it for timely windshield repairs is important for vehicle maintenance. Windshield is also your vantage point while driving, meaning keeping it clean is a safety measure.

Here is how you can go about achieving a spotless windshield.

First Things First: Bug Removal

A bug removal spray will soften anything that has hardened and adhered to the glass. Coat the whole surface with it, even the most difficult to access corners. Give it a minute—or 10—to work its magic. Patience is key here. The more you wait, the less work it will be to clean the stubborn stuff from the auto glass.

Scrub with A Non-damaging Sponge

Use a sponge pad soft enough not to scratch your windshield but harsh enough to remove tar and bugs. Pass the cleaner across the whole surface. Don’t forget the corners; be as thorough as possible because if you leave anything on, it will harden even further in the future, making it impossible to remove.

Remove the Spray

Before lifting the wipers, there is one thing you need to do: wash off the bug remover. Pour water over it until you are sure it’s gone. Sprays usually make suds when coming in contact with water. When these suds disappear, it means the spray is no longer there.

A Red Vehicle Mid-carwash

Glass Cleaner

Lift your windshield wipers until they rest in an upright position. Spray glass cleaner on it; clean one side of the glass and then the other with paper towels or a microfiber cloth.

To avoid streaks, first clean in an up and down, and then left to right direction. Try not to make any swirly patterns with the rag to avoid the windshield from becoming smudgy.

Get Inside the Car

Scrub the wipers before lowering them onto the glass. Now that the exterior is clean, you need to focus on the interior. Follow the step mentioned above, but spray the cleaner on the cloth rather than the glass to avoid a mess.

Finish by topping up the windshield washer fluid, and your car is ready for the road again.

Repair A Damaged Car Windshield in Virginia

Windshields wear down with time and disrepair, so if you have one showing signs of damage, park your car and let our experts bring the repair services to you. We know how unsafe driving around with a compromised auto glass can be, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to come to the rescue rather than have you risk a ride to our shop.

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