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Sunroofs have become increasingly popular in the recent few years. In 2021, sunroofs sales reached 49.46 million units sold worldwide compared to just under 30 million in 2016. Nearly 42% of all cars manufactured worldwide in 2015 came equipped with a sunroof.
And why shouldn’t they be popular? With the push of a button, your roof brings the sunshine in, makes your drives more pleasurable, and makes your car look spacious.

They are definitely a dream, but without proper care, sunroofs can turn into a total nightmare!

If you neglect your sunroof, you’ll have to deal with rusted edges and leaks. This article will list ways you can take care of your car’s sunroof.

Regularly Clean your Sunroof

A routine cleaning of your sunroof should keep it efficiently functional. It’s crucial you clean it daily to avoid debris and dirt buildup.

Use a vacuum if necessary. Only use an automotive cleaner to clean all the visible areas. Clean the slides and tracks with a toothbrush. Clean the glass with a cleaner that doesn’t have any ammonia or vinegar.

Lubricate your Sunroof

You should lubricate all the parts of your sunroof that move with heat-resistant grease. This ensures a smooth function at all times.

Have it Detailed Annually

Prevention is better than cure, and the same goes for your sunroof!

Schedule an annual detail. You must do a deeper detail on your sunroof. Especially if you live in a dusty climate. However, if you drive on dirt roads, schedule a monthly detail of your car’s sunroof.

Start by cleaning the sunroof as you usually do. Then blow low-pressure air through the drain tubes. Use a long and sturdy but skinny and flexible wire into the drain tube. Make sure it’s the non-puncturing kind!

Twist the wire clockwise and anti-clockwise to get any dirt out of the tubes. Close the sunroof and pour water over it. If it leaks, scan the area for any cracks.

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Get Necessary Repairs

Never let what needs to be repaired sit around. If you see leaks or your sunroof making strange noises, hire a glass expert to check it immediately. Delaying will make the repairs more costly and cause moisture and mold buildup in your car.

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