A picture of a broken windshield

Myths are not stories that have been told so many times repeatedly that you start perceiving them as truth. Myths come from the Greek word Mythos, which means story or anything not backed by science. The auto glass world has seen and heard some crazy myths about auto glass replacement. Let’s put some of these long-term myths to rest.

Glass Damages Your Tires If You Drive Over It

Can you even count the times you heard someone say, ‘Drive carefully, there is glass up ahead’? All of us have heard this a couple of times in our lives, and we try avoiding driving over glass whenever we see it on the road to avoid damaging our tires. However, this is just a myth, as accurate as this may seem.

Auto glass is thick; however, vehicle tires are thicker and more durable. They are made from solid and unbreakable materials like synthetic rubber, natural rubber, nylon, and steel. If these tires can drive over everything else and still come out okay, then a few shards of broken glass are not such a big deal.

Cracked Windshields Should Be Replaced and Not Repaired

Whenever you see a small crack on your windshield, your heartbeat quickens. You may feel stressed just thinking about having to pay an auto glass company to replace it. However, only some cracks make windshield replacement a necessity, while others do not require you to replace the whole thing. Auto glass repairs are more than enough for the latter. So the idea that all cracks need to be handled with a replacement is false.

For instance, if the crack on your windshield is the same size as a nickel, you should use resin to fill the gap. This would make it look like nothing was amiss in the first place.

An auto glass repairman holding a drill

Windshield Replacement is a DIY Job

You may have seen all those flax seal advertisements and decided to replace that pesky little windshield yourself. However, if you think you can use a flax seal and get similar results to that of an auto glass shop, you couldn’t be more wrong. Windshield replacement involves more than simply taking out an old one and putting a new one in. There is so much that can go wrong with a DIY job, and no amount of pep talk or flax seals can help you then. You would still need to call in the professionals.

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