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The most commonly preferred types, the make of  tempered and laminated auto glass, makes them suitable for different see-through parts of your vehicle. You might not have noticed a difference, but the detail is in the visibility. Your windshield will always be clearer than your windows, and that may be because it is repaired more often, but also because the glass is different.

Let us tell you the difference between tempered and laminated glass so you can determine what will be best for your auto glass replacement.

Tempered Auto Glass

Tempered glass is strengthened during a process known as ‘quenching.’ The glass is cut before being placed in a furnace, heated at about 1200°F, taken out, and rapidly cooled. This cycle is repeated several times and results in glass that is many times harder than regular glass. This is why it is also known as toughened glass.

Laminated Auto Glass

Contrary to the single layer in tempered glass, laminated glass is achieved by fusing multiple glass layers for a thicker, more flexible version. The bonding is achieved with pressure, heat, and lots of polyvinyl butyral resin.This agent makes it more robust and creates sound insulation, protecting you from all sorts of noise pollution.

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Pros and Cons of Toughened Glass

Tempered glass is strong, no doubt, but it also breaks into tiny pieces instead of sharp dagger-like segments. Moreover, it is low maintenance, meaning it probably won’t require an auto glass replacement service for a long time.

However, when it caves under the impact, it instantly attacks the occupants with tiny little pieces of glass.

The good thing about this type of glass is that it gives you a clear view of the road despite the abundance of layers. It is tinted, protects from harmful UV rays, and insulates you against the temperatures and noise outside your vehicle. It is undoubtedly stronger than tempered glass because it bends before it breaks, giving you ample warning to abandon your car or take it for a windshield repair.

Which is Better?

Laminated glass is objectively better than tempered auto glass, and we would recommend you have it installed in all the slots. However, it is also more expensive.

If you are looking to economize, go laminated with the windshield and do the rest with tempered. It will save you money and keep you safe.

Affordable Laminated Auto Glass in Virginia

If you want laminated glass on your windows and windshield, we could help you bring down the price with our wholesale rates.

However, remember, whenever you have a windshield replacement, you have to have an ADAS recalibration.

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