A Car with A Shattered Rear Windshield

Cracks spread; that’s kind of their thing. Their very existence is detrimental to your safety, which is why you need to stop driving a vehicle with a cracked or even partially missing windshield and take advantage of the fact that it’s insured.

Let’s start by first learning what auto glass coverage entails.

What is Auto Glass Insurance?

Let’s start with what it actually is and then get to the good it does. An auto glass cover is offered by your insurance company as an add-on to your vehicle coverage. It includes all the repair and replacement of all the glass in your car, except the mirror, so that includes your windshield, windows, and sunroof—if you have one.

Full Coverage Benefits

Here is how you can benefit from full glass coverage during an auto glass replacement or windshield repair.

·  Repair and Replacement Cover

For instance, you have a crack across the driver’s side of your windshield that’s so bad it’s skewing the lines between the lanes. You can only spare $100 on it, which is impossible because the repair should take at least $500, and that’s being optimistic.

If you have insurance cover, you will call in a mobile auto glass replacement, pay the hundo, and let your insurance cover the rest of the deductible.

Closeup of A Blue Car’s Left Side

· Waived Deductible

Most insurance companies waive your deductible on cracked windshield repairs. However, keep in mind that this is not the case for replacements. Therefore, if you have a small chip or crack, get it repaired immediately before it gets bigger and renders your windshield useless.

· Car Maintenance

Auto glass upkeep is an essential part of car maintenance, especially if your vehicle is at the mercy of baseballs and drunk vandals.

With insurance, you can rest easy knowing you’re good for any damages; that a hole in your windshield is no cause for concern because you can just file an insurance claim. However, your provider may increase your rates if they see you filing too many of them, so have affordable auto glass services such as ours in your phonebook at all times.

Low Rates with Windshield Replacement Services in Virginia

If the claims are making your insurance provider antsy, you can just bypass them with our competitively-priced services. A small crack or chip? Come in for a cracked windshield repair. Don’t think a repair will cut it? No problem. Stop driving around in it, as it will just expose the cracks and make them worse, and call us over for a mobile auto glass replacement. Finish with an ADAS calibration and get back on the road.

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