Rear Glass Replacement

If you ever had the bad luck of losing your rear windshield due to an accident, then you would know how challenging it is to find the perfect replacement for the rear windshield. The rear windshield replacement cost may vary according to the type of glass that is required to replace it. It’s essential to have the replacement done by a professional because fixing the glass into the place requires precision, and any tiny error could end up causing your injuries and severe damage to your vehicle.

The Difference between Rear Windshield and Front Windshield

The main difference between the front windshields and the rear windshield is that both windshields are made up of two different glass forms. Front windshields are made with laminated glass, and the rear windshields are made with tempered glass. This glass used in the rear windshields is manufactured in such a manner that it breaks down into tiny, round-edged pebbles. It also defends you and your family from injuries that might be caused by the glass.

When to get the rear windshield replaced?

You might neglect a tiny crack on the rear windshield, thinking that it’s not something to worry about but before you know it can cause serious issues. Even slightly damaged rear windshields can cause serious trouble and compromise the safety of the passengers sitting at the back of the car or any other vehicle. It’s vital to get the rear windshields replaced as soon as you notice signs of slight damage, as it will protect you against any potential injuries.

Who can do the rear windshield replacement?

Rear windshield replacement requires skill and precision that can only be achieved by getting replaced by a professional. You should never try to replace the rear windshields replacement by yourself because you don’t have the knowledge or the tools to get the rear windshield replaced adequately. It’s recommended that you get professional services for the rear windshield replacement of your vehicle. If you are located in Chantilly, Virginia, and wonder where I can find rear window replacement near me? Then you are in luck because Yellow Stone Auto Glass provides high-quality car glass replacement and repair services all over Chantilly, Virginia. Other services offered by Yellow Stone Auto Glass include quarter panel glass replacement, sidecar window replacement, sunroof glass replacement, and mobile windshield repair.

Rear Windshield Replacement Process

Even though you should leave the rear window replacement upon the professionals, it’s not one of the most challenging auto repair jobs. If an auto glass specialist takes all the necessary steps and gets the rear windshield replacement appropriately done, it can all be done quickly.

Here are the steps that an auto glass specialist might take to get your rear windshield replaced.

  • The auto glass professional will contemplate the damage and understand the degree of the job that needs to be done. The evaluation of the damage will help the auto glass professional to decide whether your rear windshield needs replacement or it can be fixed with a slight repair.
  • In case the specialist reaches the conclusion that your rear windshield needs replacement, then they will remove the damaged rear windshield and make way for the new rear windshield to be installed.
  • Once the damaged rear windshield is removed, the auto glass professional will begin to install the new rear windshield. The specialist will put the new rear windshield into position and use urethane to become firm and easily fixed into the right place. The urethane will need to cure for around an hour to form a solid seal around the newly installed rear windshield.
  • After installing the new rear windshield, the auto glass professional will most likely install a wiring harness for the rear windshield used to defrost and defog the windshield. The auto glass professional will also ensure that the rear defroster of the rear windshield is working perfectly fine as it should.
  • The auto glass specialist will wrap up the rear windshield replacement by cleaning the rear windshield as well as the rest of the auto glass in your car.


Getting the rear windshield replacement done is not difficult as long as a professional is getting the job done for you. Choosing the professional service for this task will save you time and money as well as provide you the satisfaction of having a perfect rear windshield. Rear windshield replacement is not supposed to be ignored and should be replaced if it’s cracked or damaged in any manner. Having it replaced not only protects the passengers of the vehicle, but it also makes the vehicle look good.  If you are in need to have your rear windshield repaired or replaced, then do consider Yellow Stone Auto Glass for the best quality and services.