A Line of Cars in the Sideview Mirror

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have been around for several years in the form of windshield wipers and automated headlights. However, they have started to gain momentum in recent years with more and more countries, including the US making some features of it mandatory.

If you have the following features in your car, you might be in the market for an ADAS recalibration from our windshield repair services.

Autonomous Braking System

Safety inspection teams look for this feature in new cars. The Autonomous Braking System   keeps an eye out of the windshield for any forward collisions and warns you of taking appropriate measures to avoid them. If you don’t respond to the warning, it goes ahead and applies the brakes for you. Some systems only have the warning system without the stopping mechanism, whereas others get the full package.

Lane Departure Warning System

Every time you veer off your lane without turning on the blinkers, the Lane Departure Warning System will warn you about what you just did because it could be that you didn’t mean to swerve in that lane. This scenario can be dangerous if there are cars around, so you may also have a Lane Keep Assist (LKA), which takes command of the wheel and steers the vehicle back on the lane for you.

Windshield Angle of a Car Idling at A Stoplight

Cruise Control

Cruise Control system helps you stay well within the speed limit by taking control of the accelerator pedal. You might have had it installed so that you can rest your feet during long drives.

Recently, a more adaptive version of this system has made waves. It is better than its predecessor because it adjusts the speed as per road traffic. So, if there are other cars around, it will know how much to slow down to avoid a crash.

Pedestrian Automatic Braking System

This technology could use some work because pedestrians could be humans or stray animals too small to be seen across the windshield at times. The pedestrian braking system is similar to the autonomous braking system because it takes corrective action when the driver fails to take timely action.

Blind Spot Monitor

The induction of this ADAS feature has lowered the rate of all lane-change crashes by 14%. It basically warns you when a car in a parallel lane is in your blind-spot. If you change lanes because you cannot see it, you can very well get into an accident. A blind spot monitor keeps an eye on what your mirrors can’t see and keeps you informed.

ADAS Calibration at Windshield Replacement Services in Virginia

All these features circle back to and depend on the windshield to work well. Therefore, let us carry out an ADAS Calibration on your vehicle when you go through an auto glass replacement. Check your forward-facing camera and make sure it’s facing the right direction, so your ADAS doesn’t overcorrect or under-correct in any form.

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