Side mirror of a car

Side mirrors get damaged more easily as they are located on the vehicle’s exterior surface, and they stick out from the body. Their location makes them more prone to breaking, cracking, or dangling loosely from the car if they’re hit.

If your side mirror has been damaged and is now unusable, you shouldn’t be driving your car. Here’s why driving without side mirrors is considered illegal in some states in the United States.

Is It Possible To Drive Without Side Mirrors?

Before we consider the state laws and regulations that allow or prohibit drivers from using a car with broken side mirrors, let’s first consider if it’s physically possible to drive a car without side mirrors.

The tentative answer to the question is yes, it’s possible to drive without using side mirrors if you’re a skilled driver. However, this is not recommended as side mirrors are for the safety of the driver and the other vehicles on the road, so you should not drive a car with damaged mirrors and risk yourself and others.

Without side mirrors, it’s extremely difficult to maneuver the vehicle on the road. Side mirrors give drivers visibility of up to 200 feet behind the car, making them essential for switching lanes, overtaking, parking, and turning.

Most modern vehicles have front and back-facing cameras with an in-built monitor that displays a live feed and allows the driver to see the vehicle’s front, back, and sides. But these exterior cameras are not a replacement for side mirrors and should be used in addition to them.

A person driving a car with a side mirror

State Laws About Side Mirrors Are Different

Driving a vehicle that has no side mirrors is considered illegal in most states. Some states in the US permit using a car that has only the left side mirror, while in other states, you need to have all interior and exterior mirrors.

States such as Missouri, Maine, Massachusetts, and Mississippi require at least one functional side mirror if the view from the rear window is obstructed by something such as a trailer, a towing car, or cargo.

All states in the US require that a vehicle should have one exterior mirror, specifically the driver’s side mirror. This mirror should be supplemented with either a right-side mirror or a rearview center mirror in the interior of the car.

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