ADAS calibration services

The modern world is nothing less than a miracle for a variety of reasons. One of those is the automobiles (and the much advancement in this field); thanks to the technology that enables us to reach from point A to point B safely and in time. In addition, we have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to be grateful for as well. But what are ADAS calibration services and what role do they play?

ADAS Windshield Calibration

ADAS is a term under which we categorize various technological advancements for modern vehicles. This technology is designed to improve and enhance the safety of both the driver and the vehicle. Most modern cars come equipped with ADAS windshields, which is why special procedures need to be followed when using an auto glass repair service.

Features of ADAS windshields

Automobiles are continually evolving, which results in the integration of advanced driver safety features into the windscreen. ADAS is relevant to repairs and replacement because of the presence of sensors and cameras that are installed on the windshield itself.

When getting an ADAS windshield replaced, there’s a chance of misalignment due to their sensitivity. This can dramatically impact the performance and accuracy of the system. In that case, the technician should be knowledgeable about ADAS and ensure that accurate calibration is done with the camera giving a proper view of the roads ahead. Since the function involves delicate technology, skilled technicians must handle any and all windshield repairs.

Why is ADAS calibration necessary?

All ADAS windshields function through the combination of cameras and sensors (as a standard).

If your vehicle is equipped with a forward-facing camera that’s installed anywhere near your windshield, then it must be in proper working order. Taking such things lightly can lead to severe safety risks. Since sensors are highly sensitive, their functionality features can get disturbed with the minutest of displacement.

When faced with imminent danger, you need all hands on deck so that immediate, proper action can be taken. A potentially dangerous situation can quickly turn into a life and death situation if signals are late or read incorrectly by ADAS. This is why the correct calibration of the windshield while hiring the services of ‘ADAS calibration near me’ is of the essence.

Calibration of your windshield is not just limited to after complete replacement, but it is suggested that you get your ADAS checked if:

  • Your camera develops a fault or is partially removed.
  • Your ADAS camera is disconnected or displaced.
  • If you have gotten a recent wheel alignment or suspension changes because that can have an impact on your ADAS service.

Does your car need ADAS windshield calibration?

Many modern vehicles are quite proud of their complex technologies that come with their windscreens. Go through the following checklist to see if your vehicle has any of the features. If yes, then you should consult a trusted and reputable ADAS professional for necessary calibration:

  • Adaptive high beam
  • Automatic parking
  • Glare-free high beam
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Automotive night vision
  • Adaptive light control
  • Collision avoidance system
  • Crosswind stabilization
  • A satellite navigation system
  • Driver monitoring system
  • Hill descent control
  • Intersection assistant
  • Driver drowsiness detection
  • Blindspot monitor
  • Lane change assistance
  • Lane departure warning
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Intelligent speed adaptation
  • Turning assistant
  • Wrong-way driving warning
  • Vehicular communication systems

Difference between Dynamic and Static ADAS calibration

There are two types of ADAS calibration whose general description is given below, but they vary from one make and model to the next. Depending upon your windshield, you will need either of the two ADAS calibration services:

Fixed Calibration

This refers to static ADAS, which is carried out in customized workshop environments. This calibration requires a specialized Camera and Sensor Calibration Tool. Every car has disparate calibration settings due to the particulars needed for their static ADAS.

Mobile Calibration

This is designed for dynamic ADAS which is carried out with the help of a hand-held device which is plugged directly into the vehicle. Most cases require the car to be driven at a particular speed over a specified distance in optimum weather conditions so that the system can get used to certain road features.

Failure to calibrate a sensor when required can lead to erroneous information which results in impaired ADAS function or not at all. A fault sensor input can cause:

  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Vehicle steering pull
  • A message or warning light on the instrument panel
  • A diagnostic trouble code stored in the vehicle’s memory

Problems like this can arise due to low-quality auto glass repair services, that cause the driver to lose trust in the vehicle’s ability to offer safe transportation. An ADAS failure may also raise harrowing questions about the skill and expertise about the repair services employed for the job.

Vehicle Preparation

Before calibrating the ADAS sensors, a car is prepared as specified by the automobile manufacturer. Some of the most common and standard requirements include:

  • Removal of heavy and unnecessary items from the trunk or the car
  • Tires fully inflated at optimal pressure
  • Full fuel tank
  • Clean windshield for camera sensor
  • Protective cover removed from the radar sensor
  • Four-wheel alignment performed

Finding Quality Auto Repair

Since windshield calibration requires specific expertise and qualifications, you need to plan by finding affordable auto glass repair services that can do a bang-up job. Find one whose certifications and experience inspire confidence, and they offer a warranty under which they will be responsible if something goes wrong.

There’s no denying that ADAS makes driving safer and convenient. However, their complex functions and complexity of their sensors make it imperative that you keep them in optimal working conditions. An ADAS calibration service should be able to replace your windshield without causing any malfunctioning in the ADAS. It could cost you drastically more in the long run, not only in terms of money but your property and life as well. Having them calibrated regularly will increase your safety and bring you back returns for a long time. No price tag can be placed on the value of life and realizing that it could make all the difference in the world.