Fireman extinguishing fire with burning car windshield

Advances in IT and automation can help prevent human error. AI systems in cars are better at detecting nearby objects and can help drivers avoid collisions. As safety standards in automobile production improve, more modern cars now come with AI-integrated safety systems.Most accidents happen due to mistakes drivers make. Advances in automotive tech can help address this issue. Today, we will talk about some of the best car safety features and warning systems currently available.

ADS Application

ADS system helps protect cars with the help of embedded vision. There is a decline in road accidents with the use of the ADS system. ADS uses an AI that identifies warns you about objects and cars near your vehicle. The safety features offered by the ADS system can reduce accidents while driving. This technology responds quickly and operates without any human error.

Forward Collision Warning

Forward Collision Warning is another car safety system that reduces the risk of accidents. FCW helps in navigation and lowers the risk of rear-end collisions significantly. New car models are equipped with this system lowering the accident ratio of these cars compared to older models.

This system uses sensors for road scanning while you drive. It measures the space between you and other cars on the road to help you identify safe speeds and distances you should maintain. If you have a relatively newer vehicle with this feature, you should be able to find all the necessary information about the safety system in the car manual.

Automatic emergency brake

An automatic emergency braking system activates your car’s brakes whenever there is a chance of potential collision. The system is automatic and works without the driver pressing the brakes. These systems can help you drive better and safer. They can identify pedestrians and cyclists and mitigate crashes significantly. Automatic emergency brakes also make it easier to drive in more hazardous conditions, like rain or snow.

Mechanic doing auto car repair

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