A hailstorm

Driving in a hailstorm is dangerous as it can severely damage the windshield of your vehicle. If hail hits the auto glass of your windshield, it can crack or break the glass in more than one place.

Today, we’ll discuss how hail can damage your windshield and what you should do if you ever find yourself driving in a hailstorm.

Hailstorms Are a Hazard

Summer storms are quick and can strike at any time of the day or night. They wreak massive damage on a vehicle’s windshield. Even if the storm is only for a short duration, it can still do a lot of damage to your car.

Hail can cause the car’s windshield to sustain multiple chips or cracks or even major damage to the structural frame. Cracks in the windshield are a safety hazard when you’re driving, and even a small hole should be repaired as quickly as possible before it expands and puts the driver and passengers at risk.

The impact of the hailstones can cause a large number of cracks to appear on the screen. These cracks can obscure the driver’s field of vision and increase the chances of an accidental collision.

A person driving a car

Driving In a Hailstorm

If you’re driving on the road and a hailstorm hits, you should immediately try to seek shelter. A cover will help protect your car’s windshield from damage, and you can resume driving after the storm has passed.

However, driving on the freeway doesn’t afford people any places for shelter. Pullover on the side of the road as a stationary car will receive minor hail damage than a moving one.

If you decide to continue driving, then gradually reduce the speed of your car to prevent skidding on the wet road surface. Drive slowly and avoid braking hard. Also, keep a few cars’ distances between your vehicle and the one in front of you so you can stop in time to prevent a crash.

Assessing The Damage and Seeking Repairs

After the storm is over and it’s safe, pull over to assess the damage to your car’s windshield. Suppose there are large and visible cracks on the auto glass; it’s best not to drive the vehicle and call for roadside assistance.

Moreover, you should consult an auto repair professional about whether your windshield can be repaired or needs a complete replacement.

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