Two people driving around on a clear sunny day

Most people find driving and car maintenance during winters pretty challenging due to the harsh weather conditions. However, while summers are ideal for long road trips, excessive heat can bring its own challenges for your car’s maintenance.

Here are a few things you should include in your car’s summer care.

Keep an Eye on The Coolant

One thing that really helps your car beat the heat is the coolant. This magic mix of anti-freeze and water is what keeps your car’s internal system running smoothly even during the scorching heat.

Besides keeping your car cool, the coolant also lubricates the water pump and prevents corrosion. In summers, it works thrice as much as in other seasons, so it’s imperative to regularly check the overflow reservoir to ensure the coolant is at an optimal level.

Monitor the Tire Pressure Closely

Tires can lose their pressure on a daily basis depending on the temperature you’re driving in. The pressure can also be lost due to driving in difficult conditions. Either way, you need to ensure that you’re not driving around with poorly inflated tires during the summers.

This is because underinflated tires and high temperatures are a recipe for disaster, i.e., they pose a high risk for a blowout. Use the owner’s manual from your car to check the ideal pressure recommendations and check the tire pressure regularly to keep the tires inflated adequately throughout the summer. And make sure to check the pressure only when the tires are cold.

Inspect Your Windshield and Its Wipers

Typically, windshield wiper blades need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months as they wear out. And ideally, you should check them each season to ensure they’re ready to face the upcoming weather conditions. In summers, this means getting new wipers as your ultimate weapon against thunderstorms!

Windshield wipers at work during a rainy day

Additionally, it’s important to check for minor cracks and chips in your windshield during the summer. And if you had been putting off any minor repairs, now is the time to get them done. Because in summers, the frequent fluctuation in temperate can make the glass expand and contract, making the minor chips and cracks expand, leading to irreparable damages.

You’d want to avoid that at all costs, as that could eventually lead to a complete windshield replacement job that would cost you quite a bit.

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