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Did you just get a brand new windshield for your car? While it’s exciting to drive all around seamlessly after a windshield replacement, it’s critical to keep some essential aftercare tips in mind. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do after getting a windshield replacement.

Avoid Driving the Vehicle Immediately

The first step to take as soon as you get a windshield replacement is to sit back and relax until it’s perfectly safe for you to drive your vehicle again. In other words, it’s crucial to allow the new windshield to settle in for a particular amount of time.

It’s best to avoid driving your vehicle so that the urethane adhesive used to repair or replace the windshield gets sufficient time to cure. While the duration for this formula to settle in primarily depends on your area’s temperature, quality, and humidity levels, most auto glass experts let it sit for at least 24 hours.

The ideal aftercare method is to steer away from moving your car around and driving it for at least a day or two after getting a brand new windshield.

Drive Extra Safely

While it’s critical to drive safely at all times, there’s no room for driving mistakes, especially after your car gets a windshield replacement. In other words, you must take every step to ensure that you’re not engaging in rash driving. Furthermore, you must refrain from getting on roads with uneven terrains and debris that put the new windshield at the risk of shaking, jarring, or being damaged immediately after replacement.

Taking extraordinary measures to drive safely will ultimately help you prevent exerting immense pressure in the car that can result in the new windshield popping out.

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Stay Away from Car Washes

Another critical tip to follow after getting a new windshield is to steer away from car washes for at least a couple of days. While car washes play a critical role in ensuring a car’s cleanliness, they usually use rough motor pumps and high-pressure jets during the cleaning process to ensure that the vehicle is free from all dirt and debris.

These processes can affect the adhesive and sealant to keep the new windshield in place by destructing the glass’s strength and disrupting its installation. Furthermore, the detergents used in car washes can eliminate urethane from the installation, causing further auto glass damage.

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