Windshield Crack Types

Windscreens save you from many elements of the weather, such as dust, small rocks, bugs, and at times even birds. As a result, they suffer quite a few cracks during their service.

Here are the most common types of cracks that might require a windshield repair or replacement service.

1. Stress Crack

Stress cracks occur near the borders of a windscreen due to extreme temperature fluctuation. For instance, when the temperature drops below freezing overnight and the auto glass ends up with a layer of frost over it.

Stress cracks can be quite long—extending as far as 10 inches—and the more you keep your car out in the cold, the more likely it is for your windshield to cave under the stress of these cracks.

2. Bull’s Eye

Bull’s eye cracks are caused due to small rocks. They are round in shape and much larger than a chip. Depending on its depth, you may or may not need a windshield replacement. If a piece of glass falls off during impact or you don’t take it to our auto glass shop immediately, then the repair becomes more difficult.

Inside of A Car with A Severely Cracked Windshield

3. Star Break

Star cracks have an impact break in the middle and thin lines of cracks extending from it in all directions, much like a star. They are caused by rocks and other projectiles but can also result from a series of chips that were never repaired.

Their repair is never complete, which is why they always end up getting replacing with new glass, especially if they are in your field of vision.

4. Half-moon Crack

A milder cousin of the bull’s eye crack, half-moons are also caused by rocks and other similar elements. However, instead of creating a star or circle, the damage is in the shape of half a moon.

Fortunately, windshield repair is a viable option with this type of damage because it is not likely to have penetrated the second glass layer, nor will it spread as quickly as other cracks.

5. Combination Crack

Sometimes, the damage is such that it extends to two or more types of cracks at one location. Combination cracks are the worst damage your windshield could suffer. They penetrate beyond the auto glass’s exterior, chipping off important shards and making repair impossible. An auto glass replacement is your only resort with these cracks.

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