4 Signs You Require a Windshield Replacement

Windshields are an integral part of any vehicle, and their visibility degrades with time due to being exposed to external elements such as the weather, air, and physical impact.

While large cracks and rock-chips are easy to spot and repair, minuscule scratches are less so and they build up and lead to reduced visibility over time.

Here’s how to determine your windshield is beyond repair and needs to be replaced ASAP.

1.    Distorted Visibility

Imagine driving on the freeway in bad weather conditions, and you spot what you believe to be a vehicle, but it’s a crack or chip that you had been putting off having checked out. You could come out of it fine, or you might not be so lucky and end up getting seriously hurt.

In conditions where visibility is already reduced, you cannot drive around with a compromised windshield. Put more stock in your own wellbeing; lose the windshield.

2.    Winter’s Done A Number to It

Many windshields make it out of the winter visibly unscathed, but they still need a thorough inspection so that you can make it through the rest of the year with the glass intact.

If there is any chipping, pitting, or cracks on the windshield, make sure to get it replaced because these imperfections spread out and only get bigger with time.

Closeup of a Spider Crack

3.    Windy Windshield

If there’s a part of your windshield that’s missing or covered with tape, and you are leaving it be, you may never be able to replace it.

In the absence of anything holding up the frame of your vehicle, it starts to sag. Therefore, when you leave it like that for a long time and then attempt to get in a new windshield, it will be too big to fit in its own spot.

4.    Vehicle Safety Inspection Is Due

The teams that inspect your vehicle for road safety are more meticulous than you give them credit for. Moreover, you may not have noticed the gradual loss of visibility, but they are hardly likely to miss it.

Therefore, if you are even a little concerned about the fine your beat-up windshield may incur, it’s time to get it replaced. Take it from us, a new windshield can’t possibly cost more than a failed safety inspection.

Windshield Replacement Services in Virginia

We believe that anything that is in the driver’s field of vision needs to be replaced, not repaired. If there is any pitting, chipping, or large cracks in your windshield, you can get it repaired, but it won’t be safe, and there is always the chance that the problem could recur, or worse, you might get used to it and not notice how dangerous it is until it’s too late.

So, stop driving around with a cracked windshield because windshield replacement is cheaper than your life.

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