yellow car with a broken windshield

Did you know that the condition of your car’s windshield has a massive influence on how safe your vehicle is. A broken or cracked windshield could make driving a real nuisance in low-light conditions and may even put your safety at risk. While you may notice the larger cracks in a windshield, minor scratches are not as noticeable. Preventing your windshields from chipping may not be possible, but having them repaired at your earliest is something you should definitely do.

We have listed four signs that indicate your windshield requires immediate repair. Here they are

1. Impaired Visibility

If your car’s windshield is chipped, discolored, or has minor cracks, it will impair visibility, especially in low-light driving conditions.  Moreover, if your windshield is chipped or cracked, dirt, moisture, and even the windshield washer fluid can seep through the cracks in the laminate and into the glass sandwich layers. This will cause discoloration and further decrease visibility.

2. A Vehicle Safety Inspection is Around the Corner!

If a safety inspection is coming up, it is more than enough reason to get a windshield repair. Windshields that are damaged or cracked are going to fail the inspection test. Therefore, instead of hoping that your windshield passes the test, it is better to have it inspected and repaired to ensure safe driving.

3. There’s a Hole In The Windshield.

red car with a broken windshield.

A hole in the windshield will not only make your vehicle look unattractive but also create safety hazards. While it won’t impair visibility, it will allow outside elements to enter your car. These include water, bugs, dust, debris, etc. Before driving becomes a nuisance for you, we suggest getting an immediate windshield repair.

4. If Your Windshield Doesn’t Feel The Same After Winters

Cars that are left exposed to the harsh winter weather, such as hail, snow, salt, and strong winds, often result in cracked, pitted, or chipped windshields. Therefore, to save yourself from road accidents, get your windshield repaired immediately!

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