A clean and clear windshield

You probably pay a lot of attention to various components of your car to enhance your driving experience and invest in the highest quality upgrades. But chances are, you’re ignoring an essential feature that’s sitting right in front of your eyes, literally, i.e., the windshield.

Many car owners often go for the least costly option when it comes to windshield replacements. This is mainly for two reasons: they either believe all windshields are essentially the same, or they fail to recognize a windshield’s potential as an essential safety feature in the car.

But most experts will tell you that there is a fine difference between a good quality windshield and one that adds zero value to your car, and needless to say, you need to choose the former.

Here are a few things to look out for.


You’ve probably heard that windshields can’t break. Well, in the case of many industry-manufactured windshields, this may very well be true. But the same can’t be claimed about all local windshields.

So, make sure you’re buying a good quality industry-manufactured windshield from a reliable source that feels strong and durable. Otherwise, you’ll probably be needing repairs in less than a few months.


Imagine driving around with a hazy or blurry windshield. It can get really frustrating fairly quickly. And it’s also not great in terms of vehicle and driver safety. A good quality windshield will be clear as day. This is because the material used is naturally clearer, and it doesn’t let dirt and dust settle on it constantly.

So, make sure to check the visibility of the windshield you’re choosing; compare a few to get a fair idea.

Warranty and Company Reputation

Warranty with any product or service essentially shows the consumer that the manufacturer or service provider is confident about the quality of the product they’re providing. It also shows you that the company is reliable because they’re taking responsibility for their product and will replace or take care of any trouble in the future. And therefore, a company like this is more likely to manufacture a good that is of premium quality to ensure a great customer experience.

Research on the company you’re buying from would also tell you what kind of reputation they hold in the market. A well-reputed company isn’t likely to sell sub-par quality windshields because that would jeopardize their name within the industry.

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