a car’s windshield

Windshields have a 34% contribution toward your car’s integrity and passenger safety. Despite being integral vehicle components, these parts are highly susceptible to damage like chips and cracks. Read on to learn how and why windshield damage occurs and how you can combat it.

Poor Auto Glass Installation

One of the primary reasons a vehicle’s windshield becomes subject to chips and crack is the poor glass integrity. Many vehicle owners often fail to identify acceptable auto glass installation practices and solely rely on unqualified technicians.

As a result, many auto glass professionals don’t fit the glass correctly. Improper auto glass installation affects the windshield’s strength and resistance to damage. In fact, it eventually begins experiencing stress cracks and fractures.

The initial signs of an inadequate windshield glass installation include cracks around the windscreen edges. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure that the technician you depend on has sufficient training, experience, and certification to install the windshield auto glass as perfectly as possible.

Bad Weather & Temperature Changes

When you frequently park your vehicle outside, its auto glass eventually becomes vulnerable to the changing outdoor temperature. It’s a crucial factor to consider, especially if you live in a region with continual lousy weather. The alternating temperatures increase the windscreen glass’s fragility. Furthermore, tackling this issue using the car’s air conditioner or a defroster worsens the problem, resulting in auto glass cracks.

The best way to cope with this risk is by parking a car inside a covered garage or under a shade where the auto glass isn’t exposed to excessively high or low temperatures.

a car in the rain

Low-Quality Glass

Another reason your car’s windshield glass damages so quickly is the poor glass quality. While most auto glass materials offered by car manufacturers these days offer maximum strength and protection, it’s critical to ensure you get the same glass quality while choosing windshield repair services with an auto glass company.

The ideal auto glass should have a polyvinyl layer to prevent impact-induced breakage. Choosing windshields made by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) can help you achieve this.

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