ADAS Recalibration

The incorporation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(ADAS) has gained momentum over the past few years.

ADAS functionalities are geared to improve the driver experience and vehicle safety. You will find several ADAS functionalities on your windshield. It’s for this reason that almost every windshield replacement done on a modern car necessitates ADAS recalibration.

Nonetheless, not all auto service shops know about windshield calibration or have the expertise and tools to undertake the procedure. Here at Yellowstone Auto Glass, we pride ourselves as the masters of competent windshield calibration services in Chantilly and its surroundings.

We boast the knowledge and technology necessary for up-to-standards recalibrations performed by our team of well-trained, certified, professional, and friendly vehicle specialists.

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Why are ADAS Calibration Services Necessary?

ADAS technologies are designed to enhance or automate vehicle safety features, including but not limited to, motion-activated sensors, automatic parking, automatic braking, and smartphone connectivity.

The list of ADAS technologies is ever-growing, with particular economies such as the EU and the US requiring manufacturers to install forward-collision warning systems, backup cameras, and autonomous braking systems in new vehicles.

Other ADAS functionalities found in newer car models include:

  • Blindspot monitor
  • Hill descent control
  • Pedestrian detection system
  • Tire pressure monitor
  • Lane keep assistance
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Intelligent speed adaptation
  • Traffic Sign Recognition

Every millimeter counts during windshield replacement; otherwise, you compromise the view of the forward-facing camera and the effectiveness of the ADAS system.

Wrong camera views result in the malfunctioning of ADAS technologies such as lane departure warning and lane-keep assistance. The system will likely respond by under correcting or overcorrecting, leading to dangerous driving conditions and increased potential for accidents.

Windshield calibration, therefore, becomes imperative following a replacement.

Here at Yellowstone Auto Glass, we offer expert windshield replacement and recalibration that guarantee you, pedestrians, and other motorists optimal safety on the road.

Right from working with a vigorously-trained team and the use of high-quality tools and materials, you are sure to cherish every of our highly-acclaimed auto glass services.

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Types of Windshield Calibrations

Even if your present vehicle lacks ADAS technologies, you will likely land a car with these features in the future. Almost 50% of auto glass production in 2022 will incorporate ADAS capabilities.

When you take your car to the experts, like ourselves Yellowstone Auto Glass, the technicians may perform both or either type of ADAS recalibrations: dynamic and static calibration.

  1. Dynamic recalibration: This requires the technician to drive your vehicle on a well-marked road and at a set speed to recalibrate the camera.
  2. Static recalibration: Requires the specialist to park your vehicle and aim the cameras at a particular target placed on the front of the car.

Other situations that may necessitate windshield calibration include:

  • Change of wheel alignment
  • Change of suspension
  • Camera disconnection
  • When the dashboard displays a fault code

Convenience at Your Fingertips

We always welcome clients into our Chantilly shop. However, you don’t need to cancel those important meetings to visit us for windshield replacement and recalibration.

We can come to wherever you are around Chantilly environs, offering you that convenience you’ve always expected from auto glass repair and replacement services. With our mobile services, you are sure to save time and money.

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It’s highly recommendable to get an ADAS recalibration done immediately when your windshield gets replaced.

Tired of searching for ‘ADAS calibration near me’? Stop now. Yellowstone Auto Glass recalibrates windshields the same day of replacement. Besides, we perform our services swiftly and according to stipulated manufacturer’s standards to get you back on the road safely and quickly.

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