Often, drivers notice rust stains, wet carpet, the smell of mildew, condensation, or can actually witness water coming through the windshield seals. If you relate to this, follow this guide, which is created by the team at Yellowstone Auto Glass to assist you in fixing this problem.

What to Do If You’re Windshield Is Leaking?

Firstly, you need to locate the exact place where the water is coming from. The water can enter the vehicle through sunroofs, door seals, windows, or other places. In the majority of the cases, water travels under the carpet to different parts of the vehicle, making it difficult to identify the location of the leak. Therefore, the trick is to find the right spot of the leak so you may stop it from ruining your interior. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Finding the Source of Water Leaks: This is probably the most frustrating – and the most difficult –part. While there might be water or moisture in the trunk, the water may not actually be getting into your vehicle through this source. In fact, water can travel through a plethora of channels located under the carpet and seating, filling up areas far from where it’s actually coming in.
  • Give the Car a Shower: Creating your own little rainstorm that you can shut off is another way to find leaks in your vehicle. Using lower pressure and letting the water gently down onto the car is probably the best method. While high pressure might seem like the fastest way to get the job done, it isn’t. This is because when the water bounces off the car, it does not come to settle as a typical rainstorm does.
  • Use Soap as a Signal: Using soap to find leaks in your vehicle is another great trick. You’ll be able to trace the exact place where the wind can get in/out. All you need to do is use a wash mitt to apply soap all around the windows, subsequently cranking the heater blower all the way up on high defrost. With every door and window shut, the air will escape through the problem areas blowing little bubbles.

Fixing Leaking Windshields

After you’re done finding the leak, it is time to seal it up. Make sure you don’t do it yourself or allow anyone to use silicone to seal your windshield. With heat, silicone expands and contracts, preventing the sealants from being applied properly. To help this fix this issue, vehicle owners can contact a reliable company like Yellowstone Auto Glass. If you want to make sure you preserve the value of your vehicle or unsure of how to take care of your windshield leaks, leave windshield repair to us.

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